Race Horse Ownership

There are 3 main ways what you can become an owner of a racehorse

Sole Ownership:-

The most straight forward way of owning a racehorse. It means that you are the sole owner of the horse, you are responsible for all costs involved with the horse and you receive 100% of any prize money earned. You will enjoy a close involvement with the trainer and help in making any decisions regarding your horse. If the horse is un-named you choose the name of your horse and it will run in your own racing colours.

Syndicates, Partnerships and Co-ownership -

Co-Ownership of a racehorse involves the participation of more than one owner. One of the benefits of entering into a co-ownership of a racehorse is that the cost is split among the syndicate or group of people involved. Additionally, becoming a member of a syndicate can also be a sociable and enjoyable experience.

Corporate Ownership

This is an ideal way to promote your company or increase brand awareness, for example your horse can carry your company name, which in turn is a really useful way of promoting your business while having the fun and excitement of racing.

For further information on ownership please see British Racing Authority website.

For futher information please call Mark on 01273 477124 or 07742 446168

** You should never participate in racing with the expectation that you will make a profit either from betting or prize money.   Instead, look upon the purchase of a share in a racehorse as an exciting interest in a unique sport. **